Arts Programs

Arts Programs

We offer two programs for people with developmental disabilities to explore and share their artistic abilities: the Henosis Arts Program and the New Revolution Choir. 

Henosis Arts Program

The Henosis Arts is a program for people living with disabilities to share their gifts and talents. This program allows people an opportunity to network and meet others with similar gifts and passion for the arts. Henosis Arts is meant to be a fun and exciting group for people to grow in their communities.

What is this program about 

Henosis offers opportunities to express oneself through:

● Drama

● Dance

● Poetry

● Theatre

● Music Therapy

● Social life skills development

● Build lifelong relationships

● Community connection

● Spiritual/cultural development

● Community engagement-singing at local churches, community events ex: hockey games

When: February – June 2018

Location: 1901 Jane Street, Toronto

Cost: $175



The New Revolution Choir

The New Revolution Choir connects people with musical talents who have a passion for singing.

Those with vocal talent who join the New Revolution Choir will have opportunity to:

● Perform at different venues & concerts

● Rehearse songs

● Record albums

Location: 1901 Jane St. Toronto, ON

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m,

When: Meeting on Tuesdays (excluding the 2nd Tuesday of each month)